A wave of online antisemitic content is making its way into Israeli classrooms and universities.

The problem is so severe that the Israeli Education Ministry has begun to take action.

Here are some things to remember: * A major academic conference was canceled on Sunday after anti-Israel sentiment was posted on social media.

* The National Council of Teachers of Hebrew and the Arabic Language in Israel, an organization for educators, announced it was suspending all scheduled lectures and meetings for six weeks.

* Israel has begun requiring students to take a course on antisemites in Hebrew.

The move follows an increase in anti-Semitism.

* An Israeli school has announced it will suspend all classes for three weeks after a student was filmed posting a photo of himself wearing a Nazi shirt.

The school, located in the city of Netanya, also canceled all classes until further notice.

* On Tuesday, a group of teachers at an Israeli university announced they were canceling all classes to protest a recent incident of anti-Semitic harassment in which an employee was assaulted and punched by another student.

The group of Jewish educators said the incident was due to a disagreement over the location of the school’s dormitories, where students from across the country were staying during the summer break.

* A young woman was arrested and charged with making antisemic remarks after posting a Facebook photo of her holding an Israeli flag.

The incident is being investigated by the Israeli police.

The young woman is a student at a private school in the northern city of Ashkelon, the Israeli media reported.

* Many Jewish organizations have been forced to suspend their activities in Israel for months.

Some organizations have also been ordered to close.

* Some of Israel’s most prominent rabbis have also stepped up efforts to combat anti-Jewish sentiment.

One of the country’s leading rabbis, Rabbi Shlomo Ben-David, is the president of the Central Conference of Jewish Institutions, which represents Jewish institutions across Israel.

Ben-Bev says he is concerned that many of the anti-Zionist comments that are making the rounds online are being made by people with antisemite intentions.

* According to a survey released this month by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, 70 percent of Israeli Jews feel anti-Semites have a good chance of winning the election.

* Another survey released last month by Yesh Din, a pro-settler organization in Israel that aims to mobilize Jewish voters, found that the number of Israelis who support anti-Palestinian, racist and discriminatory actions has increased by 33 percent since 2012.

Yesh Diacon has been reporting on anti-semitism in Israel since 2007.

Follow our reporting: * Israel’s biggest Jewish schools cancel classes amid anti-Israeli content * Israel police investigate antisemitics threats against rabbi in Ashkelons schools* * Jewish students face boycott as Israeli authorities attempt to combat antisemiting threat* * Israeli teens react to antisemits with a new school year*

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