The Medical Assistant is a skill that can be used to help diagnose a variety of medical conditions, but the skill matrix also gives you the ability to assess the performance of a patient.

Here’s what you need to know to get started on the Medical Associate Skill Matrix, a toolkit that aims to make it easier for medical professionals to identify and identify the best candidates for each profession.

Here are the steps you need:You must have a degree in medicine, dentistry, surgery or pharmacy.

You must be an Australian resident, and have an approved medical practitioner card or a medical practitioner endorsement.

Your skills must be aligned with the following skills.• Clinical knowledge of a given disease, condition or condition that requires clinical intervention.• Experience working in a healthcare setting or on a healthcare team.• Knowledge of how to evaluate a patient and a team.

You can apply for a medical assistant certification online at the Australian Medical Association’s online portal and you can apply in person at any local AAMAC accredited medical centre or medical board.

You also have the opportunity to apply online for an appointment at the AAMCC’s Clinical Centre.

To start working in the medical assistant profession, you’ll need to complete a course or a competency assessment that will assess your knowledge of the medical profession, the medical knowledge you have and the ability you have to work with the patients in the field.

The Medical Assistant skill matrix is based on the assessment of the following five areas of knowledge:Clinical knowledge of disease:This includes understanding the basic science of disease, the clinical characteristics of the disease, and the causes and treatment of the illness.

Clinical skills:The skill matrix gives you an overview of the skills you need in order to perform clinical tasks.

You will need to demonstrate your knowledge in order for your medical practitioner certification to be approved.

The medical knowledge assessment will include the following areas:• The basic science behind a particular disease, disorder or condition.• The clinical characteristics associated with the disease or condition;• The relevant clinical experience, including how you are expected to work;• Skills to identify, diagnose, treat and manage a patient with a particular illness or condition, and/or the skills needed to support the patient in caring for the patient;• Knowledge about the patient, the team and the organisation in which the patient is being cared for.

The assessment will be based on a combination of written and spoken material, and may include additional questions based on clinical expertise.

The training will be delivered at a training provider accredited by the AamCC.

If you are applying to work as a medical helper, you will need an approved healthcare professional card, medical practitioner certificate or an approved assessment.

The AAMBC is an independent organisation and has a range of resources to help you navigate the application process and ensure that you’re qualified to work in the profession.

For more information about the Medical Assistants Qualifications Framework, contact the Australian Health Practitioners Council on 1300 737 788 or visit their website at www.australianhealthpractitioners.org.au/resources.

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