I started out as a cashiership, and ended up with the same job, in this case in a fast-food joint.

But I was only earning around Rs 3,000 a month.

As I grew to be a cashiere, I realised that I had to earn more.

After I made my first round of cuts at a local fast-casual chain, I decided to move on.

Now, I earn Rs 1,200 a month, and have to find other ways to earn money.

I have been a cashierer for the last two years, earning about Rs 4,000.

I’ve also been earning tips for years.

My job is a part-time job that requires me to pick up orders and make sure all the items are picked up and delivered.

I earn about Rs 500 a month on tips.

I work about six hours a day, seven days a week.

It has taken me some time to realise that it is a good idea to work part-timers, and I’ve started making sure I’m earning enough to live comfortably.

The idea of a part time job started when I was in my 20s.

A part-timer is a person who works on a part of their job that is not their full-time career.

Most of us work for a family or a company, so we can spend our days at home and not have to worry about money.

In my job, I have to pick things up at home, take orders, and make deliveries.

For most people, the idea of working part- time jobs is a great idea, and for me, I found it easy to get started.

When I first started out, I was earning about 25-30% more than my full-timer peers.

But when I started earning tips, I had more flexibility and was able to work full-timer hours.

This was very helpful as my salary grew, and now I have more time to enjoy my life.

Although it is an important part of my job to make sure the items in my basket are picked and delivered, I am also happy to work on a week day schedule.

What I love about being a cashIER is that I can make money whenever I want.

On a Friday night, I might make up to Rs 30,000 in tips from tips.

If I am working at home on a Saturday, I will earn around Rs 40,000, and on Sundays I will make up the remaining Rs 40-50,000 at a very healthy Rs 50,000-55,000 per day.

Sometimes, I make tips as I am waiting for a delivery.

Though I am very good at my job at the moment, I also want to be more confident and earn more tips.

When I start working as a part timers, I know that I am doing the right thing.

While I do not have any plans to switch jobs, I want to earn enough tips to live comfortable and enjoy my work life.

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