The National Institutes of Health says it will spend $2.5 billion on training the next generation of Americans who can negotiate a better life.

The government-funded agency says the new initiative, which it says will be developed through a partnership with companies, will focus on four key areas: understanding the economy, managing risks, managing emotions, and building resilience.

The $2 billion in new funding will fund training for over 40,000 students and include training on negotiation skills, job readiness and self-discipline.

It also will support “a comprehensive set of competencies and tools” to teach students about a “higher-order perspective on work, social connections, family and community, and interpersonal and organizational development,” according to a news release.

The funding is part of an effort to help train the next wave of Americans in those four areas.

The Obama administration also announced that it will provide $3.5 million to help expand the career of one of the program’s early winners, a high school student who was recently accepted to a top-ranked graduate school.

The student, who will be known as “Jack,” received $3,000 for every 1,000 hours of his training, according to the government release.

This is not the first time that the government has supported a high-school student who went on to study at an elite graduate school and later got a job as a doctor.

In 2014, President Obama and the Department of Education awarded $2 million to a high schools senior from Massachusetts who had studied for three years at a top law school in Washington, D.C.

The young lawyer then earned a master’s degree from Georgetown University.

Last year, the Education Department also gave $3 million to train a group of college students who worked with a group who helped them obtain a doctorate in a career that is highly valued by the government.

The federal funding for the new project is the same amount the agency awarded to the students.

The new program will also support a second group, the new graduate program, that aims to help students take that next step in their careers.

The National Institutes have funded other high-level graduate programs for decades.

But this funding will be the largest ever for a university program.

In fact, in addition to training students to negotiate the job market, the program will train them to deal with emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression and anger.

Students will also learn how to develop a “safe space” for themselves and their peers, to be able to speak openly about their emotions and how to deal, the government says.

They will also receive help to cope with feelings of isolation and self doubt.

The new training will begin with a six-week online online course, and students will be required to complete a series of assessments.

It will also include on-campus sessions and workshops.

The program also will provide students with job training and career coaching.

The goal is to train “millions of young Americans to build the kinds of skills and competencies needed to thrive in a rapidly changing global economy,” according the government news release, which adds that the program is also designed to “encourage students to pursue a career in law enforcement, education, social work or community development.”

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