Cognitive skills, which can be used to help people to understand the world around them, are now a hot topic in the world of education, with new research showing that they are important for learning the meaning of words.

The research, published in the journal Cognition and Emotion, showed that people who had been taught to associate ‘cognition’ with ‘words’ were more likely to associate a word with an emotion or thought that the speaker did not want them to think about.

Professor Jennifer Bowerman from the University of Sydney and her colleagues asked people to read a story that showed two students who were trying to learn a new language, one who had learned a language and one who hadn’t.

After the students had learned the language, they were asked to try to identify a word that they could hear in the story.

To do so, they could only choose a word if it had a positive meaning to them.

In other words, the words they could not identify in the original story were not the ones that were being taught.

The study showed that when students were taught to identify ‘cocooned words’, such as the word ‘fairy’, the more likely they were to associate that word with a positive emotion, and the more they would associate that emotion with words like ‘favourite’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘friendly’.

The researchers believe that it could be because the ‘coral reef effect’ occurs when people associate certain emotions with certain words, as it was seen in the studies of people learning the language of Mandarin Chinese, as well as in the research of students learning Spanish, which has an entirely different set of words that are associated with positive emotions.

The researchers say that this may be why people are more likely than others to associate certain words with certain emotions.

Professor Bowermann said:”It’s really interesting to think that cognitive skills can be a very important aspect of learning a language because you’re not always learning what you’re told to learn, so learning something that you’re familiar with might help you to make decisions and to engage in conversation, which is something that is difficult when learning new things.”

The more cognitive skills you learn, the better you will be able to learn new things in the future.

“To learn more about cognitive skills and to learn more information about the research, visit: https://www.cognionemotion.com/news/cognitive-skills-are-important-to-learning-language-and-social-skilling-a4a9faf8f

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