Posted May 03, 2019 09:16:40 A global shortage of social workers is taking a toll on our economy, and this is leading to a significant shortage of skilled workers, experts say.

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) report, ‘The Challenge of a Shortage of Social Workers’, was released in New York.

It said that the global labour market was currently facing an “economic crisis”, with many workers being unable to find work and being forced to accept low-wage work.

The report found that more than 1.3 billion people were employed in the global economy.

The global unemployment rate stood at 5.6% in April.

The study, released on the eve of Labor Day, looked at social work, social service work, occupational therapy and health services, as well as training.

It found that there were “serious social and human costs” as a result of the shortage of workers.

“The skills of social work workers are increasingly being lost due to a lack of skills to support and train new workers,” said ILO Deputy Director-General Fatima Al-Sayad.

“There are significant gaps in the skills of skilled social workers and social workers training for social work need to be expanded and improved,” she said.

According to the ILO, the global shortage has forced social workers to find other work.

This includes many sectors of the economy, including public health, education, health care, and the hospitality sector.

In many countries, such as the US and Canada, the number of social service workers has declined.

“Many countries have seen an increase in the number and the number, especially in the United States, Canada and Japan, of social worker vacancies,” Al-Qasim said.

“In some countries, there are more social workers than there are qualified people.

In other countries, social workers are not adequately trained, so there is a mismatch between the skills they are using and the needs of their clients,” she added.

The government has set up a task force to look into the challenges of the labour shortage.

However, it has so far failed to address the underlying causes.

The country has the highest proportion of its population in need of social services, the report found.

A quarter of the population in the UK is in need, compared with 7% of the UK population.

The ILO report said the UK needs to focus on three areas: “a stronger social and economic foundation for social workers, a better capacity to integrate social work and other social workers with other professions and services and a greater understanding of the needs and challenges of social welfare workers, particularly those who work in low-paid jobs.”

“A better capacity for social welfare to respond effectively to the needs, concerns and problems of vulnerable groups,” it said.

The United States was also among the countries that had the highest number of people in need.


to the report, there were 1.35 million social workers in the US in 2018, a 2% increase over the previous year.

This number is about 15% of social care workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“A shortage of trained social workers has led to a decline in the quality of social and health service provision,” Al Qasim added.

“For example, social care in the USA is at crisis point and there is growing evidence of a shortage of healthcare professionals.

In the UK, there is an urgent need for social care professionals and the government should act to address this issue,” she continued.

The UK has a large social welfare system, with about 16 million people receiving social support.

About two thirds of those who received social support in 2018 were in work.

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