We have all been there: the first few weeks of the season, when a player is the best player in his position and you know that the next two weeks or so will be tough, because there are going to be games against opponents who are really good and that will make you worry a little bit.

But then, of course, when you look at the final few weeks, you know there are a lot of things that you can look at, so you go into those weeks and you see players you would have thought were probably the best players in their position but that have done really well.

And so you can see how the games are going and the performances have been really good, so it is a great confidence booster and a confidence boost for the squad.

It’s not a surprise when you think about the team’s performance that they are coming back in second, and so it really helps the team.

Now we are in the final weeks of last season, and we can only hope we have a better squad this time. 

[More: Who is the player most likely to be a top-six player this season?]

As we head into the season with a new manager in Pep Guardiola, the task is to improve on what we did last season.

If you look back at the first five games of the Premier Leagues campaign, we finished the campaign in fifth position.

We did not get off to the best start, but then in the last five games, we got off to a really good start and we were really close to the Champions League places, so that was a really nice way of getting off to such a good start.

Now, if you look around the league and you look and see where we are at now, and if you think back to last season and you take into account that we only had eight games to go and we ended the campaign as the fourth-best team in the league, then you can understand why we think it is very important that we continue to do that.

We think we are a very good side, and that is why we have been able to get off on the right foot.

So we have got to do our best and we have to improve and we need to keep working hard. 

The Premier League season has seen some big changes, but the main points of those changes have been the emergence of new stars and new players. 

It’s been a difficult season, for sure, with some of the big names missing, and I know that many of you are aware of that.

It has been a really difficult season for players and teams alike.

I know we are going through the summer and I have been on this forum a long time, so I can assure you that everyone is really looking forward to the season ahead, so we are working very hard to get that sorted out, but hopefully we can start the season as one of the top teams in the country, and hopefully that will be our aim, so to speak. 

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