If you need help getting into the country you need to know about the top five things you need if you’re going to stay or start a business in the UK, according to an independent report commissioned by the CBI.

The Independent Institute of Technology, the body that commissioned the report, said it is critical that employers provide the right skills and support to support businesses to grow and succeed.

“We know that the UK economy is facing some of the biggest challenges of our time,” said Caroline Pugh, the CBI’s chief executive.

“But that challenge is only just beginning to be addressed.

Our report offers some guidance to employers to help them build businesses that are resilient, flexible and competitive and to grow their local economy.”

The CBI report is based on a survey of 2,500 people aged 18 to 30, conducted by Ipsos Mori in January and February.

It was commissioned to examine skills needed for businesses to succeed in the new economy and its implications for the country as a whole.

“This is a very important time for businesses and jobseekers,” said Pugh.

“It is about ensuring that they can keep up with changing business environments, while being able to provide quality training, with skills that employers can rely on to build their businesses and the economy as a place to live and work.”

She added: “Employers are increasingly looking for people who have a combination of the skills they need to stay in business, but who also have a broad range of independent living skills.”

For example, people with an academic background, a strong passion for research and an ability to engage with the workforce.

“The report found the top three skills needed to thrive in the fast-paced, digitally-enabled world of the digital economy are administrative skills:The CBI found that people who are experienced in a number of areas of management are more likely to get hired, while those who are independent and flexible are more popular with employers.”

The CBI is pleased to see that businesses have been identifying the needs of the future, which is a huge step towards our aspiration of a digitally connected economy,” said CIO and chief executive of the CBI, Paul Johnson.”

With more and more jobs going online and a global economy that is more reliant on digital skills, it is important for businesses that will be working across the UK to ensure that they are able to employ the people they need.

“The survey found that the most common reasons for not hiring someone with these skills were:Being unable to speak the language and/or having difficulty understanding English (64%), having to work in a remote office (59%) or be in a low-paid, low-skilled or insecure position (57%).”

The biggest challenge for businesses in coming years will be the digital divide, said Pough.””

It highlights some of those key areas that we will be focusing on, and will help companies understand their options, including the ability to recruit and retain talent and develop new businesses in the digital world.”

The biggest challenge for businesses in coming years will be the digital divide, said Pough.

“Digital businesses face a digital divide that is growing.

It will be important for employers to work with digital businesses and ensure that their processes are secure and meet the needs and expectations of digital businesses,” she said.”

Many businesses are working hard to improve their processes, and it is vital that they understand how to do this and how to take advantage of the opportunities in digital and new markets.”

While we recognise that there are challenges for digital businesses, the main challenge is not about business itself but about business as a platform for new businesses.

“The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign to demand that voters are given a voice on the final Brexit deal.

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