Uber is the latest company to take aim at the Lyft-like ride-hailing app that it launched in California a year ago.

Uber’s latest attack is the creation of a new technology test known as the Mobility Skills Test (MST), a test that requires students to answer questions about the software and its drivers.

It was developed by a nonprofit called Uber Education that works with businesses to promote driver training and education.

“Uber is doing the right thing by giving this test to the students in a way that is fair and provides them with valuable information about the products and services they can use to compete,” said John Lefkowitz, Uber’s executive vice president for government affairs.

“The MST test is part of a broader initiative by Uber to ensure that students who use its services can have the skills they need to succeed in a competitive workforce.”

Uber has been the leader in driver training for more than 20 years, but it has been slow to take on new technology, said Lefkwowitz, who previously worked for the taxi industry.

“The Mst test is the first time Uber has been testing its drivers in a meaningful way in a real-world setting,” he said.

“And with the launch of the MST, it’s clear that Uber is making the most of this opportunity.”

The M-Test was developed in partnership with a number of Silicon Valley startups, including Uber’s parent company, Uber Technologies Inc. It requires students from grades 6 through 12 to take online and in-person testing, complete a brief survey and complete a written test.

Students must then pass the test, with scores reflecting their performance on a series of six questions.

Students must also pass the M-Score before they can take the Mobility Test, which requires students taking the test to answer a series for five questions about a specific feature of the ride-sharing app.”MST is one of the best tests out there,” said Alex Hern, a senior research associate at the University of California, Irvine.

“It’s the only test that takes into account a real driver experience.”

Students also have to pass the Mobility Score to become licensed drivers, which they can apply for with Uber.

While the Mst is a test, it isn’t the only driver-training program Uber is testing in California.

Lefkwoto said Uber has also hired more than 200 people to work with businesses in the state to help promote driver education and education and to promote and support businesses that hire and train drivers.

He said the company has also launched several education programs to promote the value of its ride-service business.

A test that has been in the works since 2013 is known as Driver Education 101, which is being rolled out in the Bay Area.

Uber has begun testing the test for students in California this week, and the test will be rolled out nationwide later this month.

Hern said the M.T. test could have an impact on Uber’s overall business, but he doesn’t expect it to be as big a hit as the company says it is.

The test is not designed to serve as a barrier to hiring drivers, but rather to give companies more information about what it takes to be successful with drivers, he said, noting that it is designed to make sure that businesses are investing in the right drivers.

“It’s not like it’s a black box test, so you can’t take the wrong driver and get fired,” he explained.

“So it’s like a checklist.

And there’s a lot of stuff you can do to improve the quality of the drivers you’re working with, and that’s really good information that Uber can use.”

Uber, a $40 billion company with revenues of more than $6 billion a year, was founded in 2005.

California is a popular destination for ride-services companies because it offers a relatively high cost of living and low taxes, which make it attractive for technology companies looking to scale.

Drivers have been able to make a living since the advent of the Internet, and Uber has found that it can attract and train top talent in the Valley.

Earlier this year, Uber launched its first-ever UberCare program in Los Angeles, where it offers reimbursement for any lost wages from its drivers, and has a partnership with the city to allow Uber drivers to stay in the city for up to four days to recover from a driver-related injury.

In the past year, the company expanded its service to cities in San Francisco and Los Angeles that have been grappling with skyrocketing housing costs.

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