Donald Trump’s first major legislative accomplishment was passing his controversial travel ban.

Now the President-elect has tasked his staff with crafting his own new set of rules for baby-care professionals.

The White House says the guidelines are meant to help parents make the best decisions about their infants and children.

And it’s unclear what those will be.

But Trump’s staff is promising a “couple” of rules aimed at providing better infant care.

And they could help parents who already use their own babies to breastfeed, or even if they don’t, provide a place to keep them.

Here are the key points from the new rules.


Parents must get parental consent 1.

“Parents” are now the primary legal person for choosing how their children are cared for.

The new rules also state that a parent has the right to direct the care of their child and to withdraw from the care if the parent feels the decision is not in the best interest of the child.

The policy also says that the child should have access to “the best medical care” at the time of the birth.


Babies must be treated equally 2.

A “parent” can choose the care her or his child gets based on the parent’s or parent’s income, education, marital status, religion, disability, family size, and age.


The guidelines also provide for the establishment of a “caregiver program,” which will provide support for parents and their children.

The “program” will be overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The department will set up a website that parents can visit to find information about the “care provider” program and what needs to be done to be eligible for financial assistance to help with the costs of care.

The administration will also make available financial assistance, including the ability to set up online payments, to help families with expenses associated with caring for a child, including medical care.


Infants must be under 6 months The new guidelines also require that babies be under six months old.

This is a big change.

The age limit was set at 18 weeks for babies under one month old.

But a federal court decision in March, upholding a ban on late-term abortions, made the current age of six weeks a legal limit for most abortions.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that the age limit should be raised to seven weeks for the first two trimesters of pregnancy.


Infant medical care is mandatory for every birth The guidelines say that all babies must be evaluated by a doctor before being released to the parents.

The rule also says it’s OK for a parent to opt out of a birth.

But the White House said parents should still be able to refuse a newborn’s care.


All newborns should be screened by a physician at least once per week The White, House said it is still evaluating how to screen babies for disease.

The health department will also use data from a program called the Immunization Safety Net to make recommendations for infant medical care and screenings for communicable diseases.

But, the administration has not specified when the new screening process should be rolled out or how the government will track the data.


Baby care professionals are not required to have a medical license They’re still not required by law to have medical licenses.

But if the administration decides to go ahead with a new rule, those who currently do not have a license could lose their licenses.

The rules do, however, prohibit any “care giver” from having more than two licenses.

So if the White, Trump’s transition team had to issue a new set to help baby-sitters with the new requirements, it might not be able just to revoke the licenses of those who do not already have licenses.


The Trump administration says the rule does not apply to preemies and small children The administration also said that babies must not be cared for by a parent who is an “ex-partner” of the mother.

But this does not mean that the rules would apply to newborns who are still with their mothers.

The child has to be a “partner,” according to the rules, regardless of who they are with.

The president-elect’s aides said the new rule is intended to protect parents from having to deal with “unfair” comparisons between a newborn and an infant who is not their child.


The guidance is not meant to be used for “unethical” purposes, says the White house The guidelines are not intended to be “unbiased” or to serve as a “bait and switch,” says the Trump administration.

“The Administration will continue to work with the Department and other agencies to ensure that the Administration’s guidance is used in a way that is in the child’s best interests,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.


The government is not going to make any money from the rule 10.

But it will make money from existing law.

The current federal child-care law provides subsidies for families who can’t afford

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