In the last 10 years, Indian students have undergone a major shift from high school to university and into careers in many industries.

With the country’s workforce set to double by 2030, the number of skilled jobs is expected to double too.

And the country has become increasingly affluent as the population continues to grow and new sectors emerge.

This has meant that the number and quality of the skills the nation is developing are being increasingly recognised and appreciated.

But what about those who are still struggling to break into the job market?

How many are ready to start their own careers?

Here are the top six skills to be learned in India to help you climb the ladder of success in the workplace.1.

Communication, writing, listening and listening skillsA good writer will be able to tell stories, make clear ideas and convey a sense of humour in an interesting way.

He or she will also be able read people, analyse their behaviour and understand their point of view.

A good listener will understand the importance of listening to others and will be quick to respond if needed.

A strong communicator can convey information quickly and succinctly, and be able tell the audience what is important.

A good listener, writing or listening, will also have an understanding of how to present your point of views and what to expect from the audience.2.

Writing and reading skillsA reader needs to be able take notes, write long paragraphs, use a pen and pencil, write well-structured paragraphs, and understand grammar.

A writer needs to write well, make sure the flow of information flows, and keep it short and clear.

A well-rounded reader will be a good listener and can read people with ease.

A reader, writing and listening, needs to have good English skills.

A well-spoken person will be an excellent writer and a writer needs a writer to tell a story.

A fluent reader will also understand how to use language.3.

Problem solving skillsThe problem-solving skills of a writer, a good reader and a good communicator are all essential.

Problem-solvers need to be strong problem-solvers, and can be excellent problem-setters, problem-takers and problem-reversers.4.

Reading comprehensionA good reader will understand and read a wide range of material.

He will be adept at listening to and understanding people and will also enjoy listening to ideas.

A writer, writing skills, can read, write and listen well.

A reader, reading skills and communicator, will be good at reading and understanding.

A person with reading and writing skills can also be good communicators.

A person with good reading and speaking skills, listening skills and a well-developed problem-based problem-resolution skills will be more effective at communicating and listening to people and making informed decisions.5.

Problem solver skillsThe solution-solver skills of an intelligent problem-stopper will be critical to effective problem-relief.

A problem- solver will understand, analyse, discuss and resolve problems in a clear and logical way.

A smart problem- solver can identify and solve problems in the most effective way possible.6.

Problem solution expertThis is the area in which you can take advantage of the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

A specialist problem-supper can help you find solutions for complex problems.

A skilled problem- solution expert can analyse and solve complex problems with ease and will know how to apply the knowledge he or she has gained.

A specialist problem solver can be an asset in solving complex problems and can also help you understand what is the best way to resolve problems.

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